Featured Charity

Before I started working in the charity sector, as passionate as I was about helping others, my scope of the hundreds of thousands of charities out there was no way as wide as it should be. I know this is the case for many.

Every month Muslimah in Reverie will be choosing a charity to showcase on the website. The idea being to touch as many different causes as possible, and inshaAllah collectively spreading the blessings we have been given to those in need.

This month’s featured charity is:


Emmaus UK

“Emmaus Communities offer homeless people a home, work and the chance to rebuild their lives in a supportive environment. There are currently 24 Communities around the UK and several more in development.

We rely on donations of good quality furniture and household goods from the public, which are sold in Emmaus shops. Find out about donating or buying items.”

To find your local Emmaus Community, or to find out more and donate, please click here.




If you have any suggestions for a featured charity, please get in touch.